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Music and sound design for The Painkiller Podcast by Bitter Pill Theatre.

Bitter Pill are helping to produce new writing until theatres in the UK reopen. Through The Painkiller Project, they are open for submissions once a month and are producing a winning play each fortnight as a podcast available as The Painkiller Podcast on all platforms.

By keeping to a purely audio format, Painkiller can pay more attention to the quality of the sound production. It’s rewarding to hear it done properly, to a professional level, by Marcus Rice. Plenty of grunting and heavy breathing gets us up-close-and-personal with Michael’s strange encounter, perhaps a little too close for comfort (especially if you have headphones on!). This without a doubt feels like a full, corporeal performance from Toby Jones and Owen Teale, not simply a read-through.” (Theatre Weekly ★★★★)